Which is Cheaper to Build a Deck Or Patio?

The cost of a deck or patio depends on the materials used to construct it. While a concrete patio costs less to build, it has a much lower resale value. Therefore, the upfront cost may be higher than the overall price. However, the hidden fees may make it more affordable. Here are some tips to help you decide which is cheaper to build: (a) Consider resale value.

First, consider the ROI. A deck has a higher ROI than a patio. For example, a $10,000 deck will recoup about seventy percent of the cost, while a $3,500 patio will only return $1,500. Additionally, the value of a deck may increase with the home’s value. If you plan to sell your home in the future, a wooden terrace may be a better investment.

Consider the cost. Both materials have their pros and cons. A wood deck requires power washing to prevent mold and mildew and is sealed every two years. Another factor is maintenance. A wood deck needs staining and sealing. A wood surface may require more maintenance than a composite one, but a quality composite material will last for 25 to 50 years. This project may be more expensive than the original budget depending on the fabric chosen.

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The choice of material is a critical factor in determining the cost of building a deck. For example, concrete tends to be less expensive than wood, but it still has drawbacks. While being cheaper to install, a concrete slab requires more maintenance than a patio. Choosing the latter can be an excellent option for saving money. When choosing between concrete and wood, consider the cost of the materials used.

The cost of a deck or patio is primarily determined by the amount of space it covers. The size of the terrace is a factor in the final price. An enormous patio will require more raw materials and may be more expensive than a smaller one. To avoid costly mistakes, sizing a patio is essential and proportionate. And if it is not proportional, it will be a disaster.

A deck can be up to three times more expensive than a patio. A concrete patio will cost you more than a wooden one, but it will increase your resale value. Additionally, the material can be more difficult to DIY if you want to save money. A wooden deck will last longer, and you can use sealants to protect it. This can increase the cost, as well.